DIY Decorate your home for Fall!

DIY Fall decorations!


Fall pumpkin table:

Pick some branches of colorful fall leaves and arrange them in a vase filled with water. Build the rest of your table off of this focal point. Gather seasonal gourds of all sizes, colors and textures. Stack flat gourds of different colors and cover with a glass cloche to keep them in place. (Available at craft stores or online) Fill another glass cloche with pinecones ours are bleached but any will work. We put ours on a pumpkin. Add a potted plant to add some height you your arrangement. Add some colorful leafs scattered and there you have it! A perfect entrance to any home to bring the beautiful fall colors indoors.





The 25-Minute Centerpiece

Green tones with white and flashes of fall color make this centerpiece feel modern and fresh. Take a round or oval container and fill it with potting soil. Plant a mix of succulents toward the center of the bowl but leave plenty of room to add some fall accents. Add some small orange and white pumpkin into the soil on the sides. If you want add some bright seasonal vegetables to the center and around the sides to add pops of color. Surround the centerpiece with candles.

White pumpkin wreath

Start with a store bought grapevine wreath. Pick an odd number of mini white pumpkins and attach to the wreath with florist picks. Add some fall leaves and a little bit of greenery if necessary. Place on your front door for a festive look. 

Setting the table

With an all white dish set nothing is prettier then a pop of fall color. Take an orange or maroon napkin and put utensils on it. Then add a small cutout of a leaf with the diners name on it attached to an acorn. It is the perfect pop of color. 

Pumpkin planters

Cut off the top and scrape out the insides of gourdes and pumpkins. Fill with fresh flowers. This is great for any staircase or walkway.


Line your steps

Take pumpkins of all size and colors. Stack them in new and unique ways lining your walkways for a festive entrance.